Oasis apes

OAC goes GameFi. Details Soon™️

Hint: Want a bigger allocation? Try throwing a 'nanner while holding 10k OAPE.


1). Find ape friend.

2). Put friend's Metamask wallet address in the "toss banana to" box.

3). Select Banana to throw at friend.

4). Click "Throw 'Nanner" button and confirm transaction.

5). Friend gets banana. You get whitelist spots (2).

6). Friend sends banana to new friend, they gets whitelist spots (2).

7). Banana gets tossed more.

8). Banana gets fully eaten, Original banana owner gets +1 whitelist spot. All apes win.


1). Do not send banana back to a previous wallet it was in (makes banana gods angry, they will smite your banana throw).

2). Make lots of friends using bananas. More friends means more apes means more good things for everyone. The more you share, the more wrinkly your brain. Keeping bananas to yourself mean you stupid smooth brain ape, stuck with smelly banana peels.

thicccq teaser
Do you have a lucky banana?

Ape hungry. Want 'nana.

"666 Bananas. How many gorillas can you recruit? Peel to whitelist and pass your banana to a friend!"

Napoleon Bonoboparte
Ape Commander, Nanner Division
Whitelisted Apes
Used Up 'Nanners