Oasis apes
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Oasis Apes Club

Apes, evolved.

Leave the desert, join the party. The premier NFT ecosystem on the Oasis network.

  • Artistry

    Completely unique designs by a talented tattoo artist.

  • Mutations

    Mutate your NFT between its two forms by burning $OAPE tokens.

  • GameFi

    Peel your 'nanners, save them, or recruit? The choice is yours.

  • The OApe Wars

    Side with the mutants or the non-mutants? Build your army now.

An NFT APE GameFi ecosystem.

New chain, new apes, new tokens. Power-Ups and Battles galore.

Stealth Launched $OAPE Token

Liquidity locked, 100% fairly launched, no crazy taxes.

Non-Fungible Apes

Join the party and return to monke. Series 0 is just 666 in total - 100 $ROSE to mint.

Dynamic Mutations

Static NFTs? Not for us. 200 $OAPE allows you to convert between your ape's unique mutated form.

Power-Ups & Strategy

Series 1 is LIVE - Grab a goriller and a nanner to be ready for battle. 6 Types, collect them all!


The apes ran the numbers so you don't have to.

Collection 1 - Oasis Apes Club

Total Supply.

Mints for giveaways and events.

Mint cost ($ROSE)

Collection 2 - Thicccq Gorillers

Total Supply.

Minting Batches

Goriller Types

Mint cost ($ROSE)

The Token

Total Supply

Initial Liquidity

Locked Team Tokens

Buyers Laid


Apes with a future.

$OAPE Token

Deflationary by design - stealth launched and ready for utility.

Trade / Farm
Oasis Apes Club

666 apes, sold out in 7 minutes. The future is bright.

Trade Apes

Our unique mechanic means 2x the apes - which one will you pick?

Mutate DNA

Community is key. Vote with your ape to decide where we go!

Create Proposals

Have an ape? Throw a peel around. Never know what you'll find...

Throw Nanners
Thicccq Gorillers

Prepare for battle with six different goriller variants. How will they stack up?

Mint Gorillers
You decide

Future series? New mutation? GameFi? The Apes (& the DAO) decide.

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